Piling is an essential part of building works to ensure strong foundations and prevent the risk of any future subsidence or ground movement. There are a number of circumstances which will determine your need for piling:

  • If your property is built on piled foundations, any additions will require piling to ensure the new construction is built on a like for like basis.
  • If there are any underground services within the footprint of your proposed build i.e. water mains, main drains or culverts, then piling will be required to avoid damage occurring.
  • If tree roots have been identified as a potential risk that could affect traditional footings, piling is a failsafe solution.
  • If access is restricted for traditional footings i.e. if existing neighbouring buildings are within one meter these could be at risk whilst excavating deep strip footings, piling is considered a much safer option.
  • Piling is the best way to eliminate any risk of subsidence / ground heave in certain conditions.

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