At PPF we understand that the need for piled foundation can be an unforeseen requirement to your project. Sometimes overlooked by architects or requested by building control late in the day when you are ready to start digging the foundations! If this is the case PPF can offer you our Design and Build service with five simple steps:

  • Provide you with a budget estimate as a guide cost for piled foundations. At this initial stage we will be working from your architects drawings.
  • A site visit to check the access and condition of the working area. Also at this meeting we will offer advice on any enabling works that may be required prior to starting the piling operation.
  • If agreed PPF will appoint a structural engineer to your project.
  • Full construction drawing and calculations will be completed by the structural engineer. Once these structural drawings have been issued we will check our original budget estimate to confirm we have allowed for all items shown on the final design. If necessary we will adjust our estimate and issue a final firm quote for your foundation requirements.
  • Drawings and calculations will be submitted to building control for approval. The job can commence once we have received approval from Building Control and agreed a suitable start date.

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