Mini Piling is regarded as one of the best solutions when deep piled foundations are required on restricted sites. Often where large piling equipment is unable to operate, due to any one of the following restrictions:

  • Overhead cables in the piling area
  • Restricted head room for working
  • Close proximity to existing structures
  • Working over shallow underground services
  • Limited access on and off site

PPF have purposely tailored there fleet of piling rigs and equipment to suit any site and ground condition. This allows PPF to provide the most cost effective and reliable piling solution without relying on external equipment hire. We have the expertise and machinery to construct a large range of mini piling techniques from small diameter micro piles to large diameter bored piles.

PPF Range of Mini Piling:

  • Open Bore from 150mm – 350mm Diameter
  • Bottom Driven from 100mm – 220mm Diameter
  • Hollow Stem/Grout Injected from 250mm – 300mm Diameter
  • Tremmie Grout from 150mm – 350mm Diameter
  • Temporary Cased from 250mm – 350mm Diameter
  • Micro Piles from 50mm – 100mm Diameter
  • DTH Piling from 100mm – 300mm Diameter

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